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Why a decent paying people still subsidize borrowers?

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AIA held a meeting Market participants collection

On Thursday, October 9, has held regular meetings of representatives collection agencies, creditors and other entities whose activity is associated with a recovery market. The organizer of this event was again AIA, bringing together the most important collection agency currently acting on the Czech market recovery.

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This year the event was held under the title „Why a decent paying people still subsidize borrowers? A knows about it?“ The aim is not only a social gathering of participants, but also the current view on the issue of debt. Organizers are once again able to obtain for the public presentation of lecturers across various disciplines, which claims to meet, albeit in different forms and stages.

This year the tradition was preserved in the form of invited arbitrator borrowers. Its mission is to provide participants view the other side of the market recovery, the view from the debtor. This year, the arbitrator play a role actress Simona Babčáková. Her performance was really emotional and you can not deny his true zeal for the defense of borrowers. Again, it identified a need for mutual communication between the parties. Unfortunately, the experience of the participants reaffirmed that communication with borrowers is becoming increasingly difficult and legislative changes from the last period of enforceability of claims rather difficult. When, instead, to focus on facilitating the payment and thus indirectly to the possible way out of the debt trap, often have the opposite effect.

Finally, we would like to congratulate Ms Jana Tatýrkova spokeswoman Association of Collection Agencies
which this year was chosen Personality of the recovery market.

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