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About us
  • We are a full member of the Association of Collection Agencies
  • We offer comprehensive services in recovery of outstanding debts
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Professional approach to partners and deptors
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Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics MEMFIS. cz, s.r.o., ID 26026074, with registered office Czech Budweis, Jírovcova 1343-1332, Postcode 370 01, incorporated in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Czech Budweis, Section C, Insert 9846, shall govern the behavior of MEMFIS. cz, s.r.o. Ltd., its employees, and all persons carrying out the duties companies under contract (in particular mandate) in internal relations and negotiations with third parties.

MEMFIS. cz, s.r.o. Company Ltd. will always be:

  • proceed in accordance with applicable law and respect good manners
  • All business relationships awarded in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code and with regard to other legislation
  • observe the rules of competition
  • with all business partners of an equivalent to the contracts and always with due diligence
  • special consideration to the protection of personal data debtors, creditors and other persons

Employees of companies and individuals who perform tasks on the basis of contracts (in particular mandate) always act so as to:

  • have particular regard to the protection of personal data debtors, creditors and other persons
  • damage the reputation of the company and its interests, and vice versa best possible way to represent the company externally and enhance its prestige
  • act in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic
  • not violate any applicable law and always acted within the law and with regard to good manners
  • do not get into conflict with the rules and regulations of the employer, employment contracts, mandate, the regulations and the terms and conditions of creditors, codes and rules of behavior.
  • or negligence did not address any operational, economic or other internal information about the company, its clients, debtors or third parties with particular regard to the protection of personal data
  • their appearance, behavior and communication were professional
  • in their work and discuss challenges economically, whether in relation to the company MEMFIS. cz, s.r.o. Ltd. or in relation to clients, borrowers or other persons
  • did not cause any damage, whether material or immaterial, employer, its clients, borrowers or other persons
  • divulge to third parties any information that could be considered a violation of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data
  • maintain labor discipline
  • deepen professional knowledge and education
  • dispose of the funds entrusted by the employer to perform work so as to prevent their theft and damage
  • were loyal to the employer

Employees of companies and individuals who perform tasks on the basis of contracts, are also required to keep these rules in particular:

  • negotiate with the debtor yourself, do not use vulgar, xenophobic, racist or other offensive language, do not create the debtor and his family as well as psychological pressure not to use physical violence
  • to maintain professional communication and access
  • netvrdit borrower that will be brought to the steps that are not within the competence ofnot to disclose to third parties information about the debtor
  • ask questions to minors on wealth, family background, residence, or other particulars of the debtor and, if possible, to avoid communication with a minor child
  • no present or otherwise publish on the public and public places or in the common areas of the house information about the debtor, or on its debt ratios.
  • not to disclose information about the debtor's employer, business partners, family or friends, neighbors or others
  • non debtors or any other person misled by masquerading as lawyers, bailiffs or public officers, employees of state or local government
  • Under no circumstances misuse plight of the debtor and not to use such a situation to recover the amount owed
  • the cost of debt recovery always be quantified until the maximum amount specified in the mandate contract with individual trading partners
  • not to hold the recovered funds or assets of the debtornot close to any debtor and any private agreements nerozhodovat forgiveness of debt or any part thereof
  • Always seek the solution of the case and it constructive and economical for both the borrower and the lender and employer
  • always act so that their behavior damaging the employer or client for whom the employer provides services
  • no phone call borrowers after 22 hour, or enter borrowers after 22 hour

This Code of Conduct is annexed Regulations, as well as any mandatory contracts and signing employee and the person who performs tasks based on company contracts (in particular mandate) while stating that he was (a) familiar with the Code (a) and notes obligation to him complete control.