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Factoring is a modern and flexible way of how to finance everyday operations based on the assignment of trade receivables. It is becoming ever more popular, because it offers a number of advantages compared with standard bank financing.

After the assignment, the receivables due from purchasers are owned by, s.r.o., which then becomes a new creditor. On the strength of the assignment of receivables, the client/supplier becomes entitled to receive funds based on them up to the value agreed in a contract.

Factoring co-operation also includes administration of the assigned receivables, which in practice means that, s.r.o. actively ensures the sending of reminders as well as the recovery and collection of the assigned receivables.

Our services are successfully used by physical and legal entities that are interested in reducing business risks in a simple manner, to strengthen their own liquidity or to promptly deal with secondary insolvency and the long-term recoverability of the receivables.

For establishing co-operation, the nature and quality of the receivables to be assigned are important. We try to provide individual co-operation conditions for each client.

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