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Debtor Services
  • We are a full member of the Association of Collection Agencies
  • We offer comprehensive services in recovery of outstanding debts
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Professional approach to partners and deptors
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Information for Debtors

If you need to ask a question, have a payment confirmation sent, substantiate the non-justifiability of the receivables which we have received for administration, or to inform us about your incapability of settling the debt by the set deadlines, please contact us immediately using the telephone number specified in the sent correspondence, by a “contact form link” here or on telephone number +420 388 303 021.

We greatly value your endeavour to deal with your liabilities!

If you have received a reminder or an SMS message, please discuss this matter only with our company. We act as representatives of the entity that you owe finances to and thereby we are authorised to deal with your payables.

If you start dealing with your debt in time, you will prevent needless complications, an unnecessary protraction of the solution period and an excessive increase of the total sum owed. Simultaneously, you will increase the chance of finding a quick solution to your financial problem.

Follow the motto – “It is possible to solve anything”